Corporate Overview

Gordon C Holdings Corp ("Gordon C") was established in 1972 by President & CEO Mr. Gordon Chow. Through continuous expansion, it has now become a diversified business group, with operations in watch design, OEM watch services, precision case manufacturing, jewelry manufacturing and design, as well as professional metal-processing. Gordon C has offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, New York, Zurich, and Bangkok; and, it operates in China, Europe, South America, and North America.

There are 3 companies within the Gordon C Holdings Corp. Gordon C & Co Ltd primarily provides OEM and ODM watch services to its clients. Its high-quality service and creative designs have earned the unwavering support of customers. In 1996, to further improve the quality of its products, the group established the first watchcase factory in Changan's Xianxi District in Dongguan City, Born Talent Limited, formerly named Precico Limited. The company primarily produces high-precision and top-quality watchcases. Additionally, in 2009, responding to the huge increase in market demand for smartphones, Gordon C established Brilliant Glory (Dongguan) Holdings Limited. to break into the phone case and metal-processing businesses. Due to the rapid pace of business development, in 2008, Gordon C expanded its Hong Kong headquarters and enhanced all aspects of its support functions to solidify its position as a leader in the industry.

Gordon C's involvement in diversified businesses has served as a testament to its reputation in various industries. The interaction among these various businesses has created a positive synergistic effect, increasing the group's efficiency and competitiveness through resource-sharing and cost-reduction. Gordon C highly values this advantage and has continuously cultivated a culture of close cooperation among its various businesses. Today, Gordon C is proud of its identity as a diversified yet highly collaborative business group.

Gordon C evolved from a trading company into a powerful and robust business group. During its growth and evolution, it received many forms of support; thus, the group has always operated in the spirit of giving back to society. The group places great importance on corporate social responsibility and serving the community. Additionally, Gordon C has implemented environmental protection measures in order to conserve energy, reduce waste, and beautify our surroundings.

Gordon C Holdings Corp is based in Hong Kong, but has kept its eye on the world. Equipped with a solid foundation of talent and technology, the company is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to satisfy its clients' various needs.